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IEHP Program Staff

Melanie Bailey

Melanie Bailey
LIP/PIP Coordinator

(902) 628-6009 ext. 214

Carrie MacLean

Carrie MacLean
Settlement Worker

(902) 628-6009 ext. 215

Belinda Woods

Belinda Woods
Summerside Settlement Worker

(902) 439-4720

Internationally Educated Health Professionals Program

Overview of Program

Funded by Health Canada and working in partnership with the Recruitment and Retention Secretariat of the Provincial Department of Health and Wellness, the PEI ANC Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHP) Program provides guidance to Island communities on how to best welcome and retain internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs). The IEHP Program also works directly with employed IEHPs and their families to assist them in their settlement and integration on Prince Edward Island.

Services for Communities

The IEHP Program fosters inclusive and welcoming communities throughout the Province through broad collaboration, direct community support, and through establishing local integration services. Services provided to communities are a joint effort of the IEHP Program and other programs at the PEI ANC.

Services for Employed IEHPs

The IEHP Program promotes the retention of newcomers to Canada who are employed health professionals educated abroad, and helps them integrate into Island society. The Program supports employed IEHPs by:

  • Working with them and their families to assist in their settlement and integration on Prince Edward Island
  • Assisting the health professionals' spouses with employment searches, community connections, and/or education
  • Providing direct support and referrals to other PEI ANC departments, and community or government services, to ensure their needs and the needs of their families are being met

Services for IEHPs in Communities across PEI

Established with the help of the IEHP program, a wide range of community-level services have been developed within the health network across PEI. This includes community support for IEHPs in Prince County established in 2011, Kings County in 2012, and now in West Prince and Queens County.

The services also include the following:

  • Focus groups and information sessions for community leaders
  • Navigators -- IEHP service providers across the Island
  • Physician welcome receptions and orientation programs
  • Diverse community events
  • Welcome packages and community brochures
  • Community consultations and presentations
  • English tutoring
  • Resource corners in community libraries
  • Retention Toolkit -- a guide for establishing community-based retention services
  • Creating a volunteer network

Together with the above mentioned community-based initiatives, services in these areas include the establishment of RICH Committees. A Retention and Integration Committee for Health (RICH) is a group of stakeholders who play a role in creating a welcoming community for IEHPs and their families -- encouraging them to stay and build their new lives in Prince Edward Island.