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DiverseCity Festival Invites Performers to Audition

Deadline to Register: May 8

Posted: Tuesday 11th April 2017 16:33

ATTENTION: musicians, dancers, and other performers

The 2017 DiverseCity Multicultural Street Festivals are holding an audition for any group or individual who wants to perform at this year's events.

If you are a musician, dancer, or other performer, and your act involves or reflects a particular culture or ethnicity, you are invited to audition.

Performers who participated in past DiverseCity Festivals are encouraged to audition, and if possible, to perform new material.

After the audition those who are selected and can indicate their availability to perform will be contacted and offered the opportunity to take part in one, two, or all three of the DiverseCity Multicultural Festivals.

Note that you need to register for the audition in advance (see details below).

Registration Deadline: Monday, May 8
Audition Date and Time: Sunday, May 21, from 10:00am to 2:00pm
Audition LocationFlorence Simmons Performance Hall, Holland College, 140 Weymouth Street, Charlottetown

DiverseCity Festival dates for 2017:

Charlottetown - Sunday, June 25
Montague - Sunday, July 16
Summerside - Sunday, July 30

Audition Details

  • You will perform for a panel of four people
  • Please prepare two pieces for performance, maximum of 5 minutes each
  • You may only be asked to perform one piece
  • The panel may choose to give your performance feedback, in a positive and respectful manner
  • We will contact you if you are selected to perform at the DiverseCity Festivals
  • We do not pay for auditions, but all those who perform at DiverseCity are offered an honorarium
  • There will not be any audience at the audition, but anyone with you can watch, as long as the space allows


  • You MUST arrive 15 minutes before your performance time
  • Late performers may miss their opportunity to perform, or may have to wait until there is space in the schedule


To register, you need to contact the organizers no later than May 8th and provide the following information:

Your name:

Group name (if applicable):

Name of piece #1
Short description of piece #1

Name of piece #2
Short description of piece #2

Will you be using pre-recorded music?
If you are, please bring the music on a data stick (jump drive), or on a mobile device. We cannot accept CDs.

Will you or your group be playing instruments, and if so, what instruments?
How many instruments will you or your group use?

DiverseCity Festival staff will respond to your email with confirmation and your scheduled audition time.

For more information, or to request your audition (make sure to include the information above) please contact:

DiverseCity Festival

DiverseCity Festival
Organization Team


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