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Census 2016

Complete the census form - it is the law

Posted: Wednesday 20th April 2016 16:29

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In Canada, a census is taken every five years. The next census will be held in May 2016. It is mandatory for all Canadian residents to participate in the census. This includes Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, refugee claimants, and people who hold a work or study permit. The census questionnaire can be completed online or on paper.

Completing the census is both a civic responsibility and a legal requirement for all people living in Canada. The 'Statistics Act', says you must complete the questions asked in the census questionnaire, and it ensures that your census information is kept confidential.

Each household will receive instructions about the census in early May 2016. At that time, you can decide if your household will complete a census questionnaire online or on paper.

By completing your census form you are providing important information which will be used in making decisions for your neighbourhood, your community, your province, and the country as a whole. The compiled statistics will help communities plan services such as day care centres, schools, health care, language classes, police, fire protection and residences for senior citizens.

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If you are a newcomer to Canada and need help filling in the census form, please contact:

Kathy Jenkins

Kathy Jenkins
Canadian Life Skills Worker

(902) 628-6009 ext. 220