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A New Guide to PEI School System

Kindergarten to college covered in tool kit

Posted: Tuesday 17th January 2012 14:54

CBC News, 6 January 2012

Rocio McCallum says the guide would have been useful for her when she immigrated to Canada. (CBC Photo)

The PEI Home and School Federation has published a guide to the school system with hopes it will make parents more engaged in their children's education. Federation president Owen Parkhouse helped create the Parent Engagement Tool Kit.

"It's got information on homework tips. Once your child gets to the higher grades, it has information about where they can look for scholarships and things like this, so it's from the start of school -- kindergarten -- right until your child leaves Grade 12," said Parkhouse.

The tool kit has contacts for school board trustees, principals, the education minister, as well as information about lockdown procedures, storm days, how to deal with bullying, and who to contact for complaints.


The tool kit is also useful for parents that are new to the Island.


"It is a little intimidating at first," said Rocio McCallum, who immigrated from Peru 11 years ago, and now works with the PEI Association for Newcomers. "For me as a newcomer, I don't know how things work here."

Now McCallum works to help other newcomers adjust to parenting in PEI and said she plans to make the tool kit available to every immigrant family.

"We're going to be able to show it to the parents whenever we do orientation sessions with them and it's a link that we're going to put on our presentation, so that the parents know where to go when they need it," McCallum said.


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