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Online Guide for Newcomers to Prince Edward Island - Canada

Radio and Television

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Radio and television provide entertainment and information. Here are some options available in PEI:


It is a good idea

It is a good idea to have a battery-operated radio set at home. If the electricity is cut off in a winter storm you can use it to hear news and information on road conditions, weather updates, school and business closures, meeting or class cancellations, etc.

Radio is a great way to hear music, advertisements, news, weather conditions and forecast, and entertainment broadcasts. Traditional radio service is free.

Radios can operate on two different bands called AM and FM. Most stations use the FM signal because it has a clearer sound, but there are still stations on the AM dial. Many stations now make their broadcasts available through the Internet.

Radio stations tend to specialize in a particular format -- news, music styles, talk radio, etc. Here are the Island radio stations, their frequencies and formats:

  • CBAF (88.1 FM and 97.5 FM or 106.9 FM in Western PEI) -- French language public station with news, talk shows, and entertainment
  • CBAZ (88.9 FM) -- French language public station with a variety of music genres
  • Q 93 (93.1 FM) -- Rock music station with news
  • CFCY (95.1 FM) -- Country music station with news
  • CBC Radio One (96.1 FM and 92.3 FM or 101.1 FM in Western PEI) - Public station with news, talk shows and entertainment
  • Ocean 100 (100.3 FM) -- Pop music station with news
  • Spud FM (102.1 FM) -- Classic rock music station with news
  • CBC Radio Two (104.7 FM) - Public station with a variety of music genres
  • HOT 105.5 (105.5 FM) -- Hit music station

Aside from the traditional radio, there are also satellite radio services. The most popular one is SiriusXM Radio. These services require special devices and monthly subscription. [See Related Resources]



When considering which TV service to select, ask questions about any extra connection fees or device requirements, and about discounts for bundled services with your phone and Internet access.

Almost all areas in PEI have access to cable or satellite television. Cable or satellite television allows you to see many channels from other parts of Canada and the USA. With satellite TV you may also be able to see some channels from other parts of the world.

There are two main providers of cable or satellite television service on the Island:

  • Bell Aliant
  • Eastlink