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NOTE: If you are a store owner or manager who sells international foods, feel free to contact us to have your store listed on this page. Also, if you are a consumer who knows of another place that offers international food, please let us know where it is and what it offers, and we will include it in our list.

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Buying Food

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If there is a food product you would like to buy, and it is not available at your local grocery store, talk to the store or department manager - they may be able to order the product for you.

Here are some important things for you to know about buying food in stores which sell food and food products in PEI:

  • There is no sales tax on basic food items like milk or bread. Some food items that do have tax charged on them are: candy, carbonated soft drinks (pop), prepared food (take-out), or food in a restaurant.
  • Convenience stores or 'corner stores' sell a variety of food products. They are open late and may be close to home, but their prices are usually higher than in larger food stores.
  • Larger supermarkets or grocery stores, like the Atlantic Super Store, Sobey's, Clover Farm, Co-op Foods, IGA, Price Choppers, and Save Easy, sell some international or 'ethnic' food products.
  • There is no bargaining when buying food in a grocery store.
  • Alcohol and tobacco products are not sold in grocery stores in PEI.
  • Many communities have farmers markets and special stores that sell locally produced foods. Most of these food products are fresh and seasonal.
Charlottetown Farmers Market on Belvedere Avenue is a very lively place on Saturday mornings, year-round. Farmers and other vendors offer fresh local produce, meat and meat products, cooked meals, flowers, arts and crafts, and more. People come not only to buy groceries, but also to eat a fresh meal and socialize. The Market is also open on Wednesdays from July to mid-October.

Making Healthy Food Choices

Eating a balanced variety of foods is one of the best ways to protect and promote good health. Selecting nutritious and healthy food is important when buying groceries.

Health Canada has developed and made available numerous guides and other resources on this topic. These resources can help you establish a healthy diet, understand standardized Canadian nutrition labels, learn about food safety, and more. [See Related Resources]

Specialized Stores Offering International Food Products

On the Island there are some specialized food stores and convenience stores which offer international food products. Some of these stores are:

Han Gook Convenience Market
16 Trans Canada Highway, Cornwall 902-367-3189
Korean food
Hashem's Variety
251 Fitzroy Street, Charlottetown 902-894-9925
Mediterranean food
'Norman's' Brighton Clover Farm
20 Century Terrace, Charlottetown 902-894-8874
Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food
Philippine, African & South Asian Grocery
95 Capital Drive, Charlottetown 902-370-3399
Philippine, African and South Asian food
Pin Yuan Canada
158 Belvedere Avenue, Charlottetown 902-892-8888
Asian food - mainly Chinese food products, but some Japanese, Korean and Thai food
Root Cellar
34 Queen Street, Charlottetown 902-892-6227
herbs, spices, teas, health foods and food supplements