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Community Connections Program Staff

Joe Byrne

Joe Byrne
Community Connections Supervisor

(902) 628-6009 ext. 224

Yvette Doucette

Yvette Doucette
Community Connections Worker

(902) 628-6009 ext. 226

Confederation Centre Public Library Tours

If you enjoy books or would like to improve your English language skills, take a library tour!

The PEI ANC's Host Program offers free library tours each Wednesday afternoon. Tours are offered to all newcomers who would like to learn more about what is available at the Library, and it is a great chance to make new friends.

Tour groups meet each Wednesday at the PEI ANC office, 4th floor at 3:00pm, and walk to the Confederation Centre Public Library. Each guided tour takes approximately 45 minutes, and covers the following:

  • Assistance with getting the Library membership (library card)
  • An overview of all Library sections with books, music and videos available for loan
  • A complete tour of resources for learning English as a second language
  • Assistance with Rosetta Stone language learning software

The Confederation Centre Public Library offers a wide variety of books, music recordings and videos, and a special section devoted to English language training for you to enjoy and improve your English skills while waiting to be enrolled in a language class.

Please bring along an identification document or a piece of mail with your complete mailing address, you will need this to obtain the Library card.

If you would like to take a tour, contact Valerie or Joe.