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A Perfect Arrrangement

Jacob and Irene Mal of Charlottetown celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss in a marriage arranged by their parents.

In: Religion and Multiculturalism > Canada
Author: Guardian; Mackay, Mary
Language(s): English
Format: Article; Library code: Z1-22, Available copies: 1
Published: 10/2006
Tags: Immigration, Family, PEI, Arranged Marriage

Homemakers Magazine

First Comes Marriage

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Diversity
Author: Homemakers Magazine Feb/March 2004
Language(s): English
Format: Article, 7; Library code: Z5-132, Available copies: 1
Published: Feb/March 2004
Tags: Canadian, Tradition, Arranged Marriage, Multiculturalism, Family

Three Canadian couples agree to traditional arranged marriage

S.A. Immigration to Canada Through Arranged Marriages

Exploring Challenges for Sponsored Women

In: Women > Women's Rights
Author: Merali, Noorfarah
Language(s): English
Format: Article, 38-41; Library code: J3-24, Available copies: 2
Published: 2006
Tags: Immigration, Arranged Marriage, Canada

Strangers no more

In: Religion and Multiculturalism > World Culture
Author: The Guardian: Mark MacKay
Language(s): English
Format: Article; Library code: Z3-2, Available copies: 1
Published: 08/2007
Tags: Family, Culture, Arranged Marriage

India, arranged marriage, family, integration, UPEI