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Can You Use the N-Word?

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Diversity
Author: Diversity Inc Jan/Feb 2008: Yoji Cole
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 40-45; Library code: J3-9, Available copies: 1
Published: January/February 2008
Tags: Diversity, Human Rights, Literacy, Awareness

Black community leaders demand that citizens and music artists stop using the N-word

Cultures have many ways to count the days

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Diversity
Author: The Guardian
Language(s): English
Format: Article, 1; Library code: Z5-110, Available copies: 1
Published: January 7, 2010
Tags: Diversity, Culture, Calendar, Awareness

Letters to Dear Abby responding to an article published 13-13-13

Expanding the Circle: People who care about ending racism

We need your help

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Racism and Discrimination
Author: Steven-Curry, Ann
Language(s): English
Format: Booklet, 24; Library code: I3-12, Available copies: 2
Published: Not specified
Tags: Awareness, Equality, Racism