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6 Ways Women Leaders Make a Difference

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Diversity
Author: Diversity Inc March 2008: Jennifer Millman
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 51-52; Library code: J3-8, Available copies: 1
Published: March 2008
Tags: Diversity, Business, Women, Leadership

Six qualities that women leaders-past and present- share that make a difference to their companies, communities and countries

Diversity Opportunity and Growth

Profiles of Immingran Entrepreneurs in Newfoundland

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Immigrant and Refugee
Author: Not specified
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 24; Library code: I4-46, Available copies: 1
Published: 2006
Tags: Business, Culture, Education, Employment, Immigrant, Newfoundland

How Leadership Expresses Diveristy Commitment

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Diversity
Author: Diversity Inc February 2010
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 15-25; Library code: J3-1, Available copies: 1
Published: February 2010
Tags: Diversity, Multicultural, Leadership, Business

Diversity Inc held a two day professional learning summit focused on understanding effective leadership and diversity management

One Woman's Story of Racism & Sexism on Wall Street

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Racism and Discrimination
Author: Diversity Inc Nov/Dec 2007: Barbara Frankel
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 134-135; Library code: J3-10, Available copies: 1
Published: November/December 2007
Tags: Racism, Discrimination, Diversity, Sexism, Employment, Business

Kimberly Copeland tells her story of Wall Street and how she dealt with racism and sexism

Special Regional Report: Columbus Ohio

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Diversity
Author: Diversity Inc October 2008
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 48-68; Library code: J3-4, Available copies: 1
Published: October 2008
Tags: Diversity, Employment, Business

DiversityInc measures companies on a regional level starting with Columbus Ohio