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GoC invests in innovative immigrant family literacy program

In: Literacy and Language > Reading and Language
Author: Touch Base
Language(s): English
Format: Article, 1; Library code: Z5-4, Available copies: 1
Published: October 2009
Tags: Canada, Literacy, Education, Parenting

HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngesters) helps Canadian immigrant families learn the language, life and culture

Internet agency approves domains in native scripts

In: Literacy and Language > Muticultural
Author: The Guardian
Language(s): English
Format: Article, 1; Library code: Z5-185, Available copies: 1
Published: March 25, 2010
Tags: Literacy, Language, Canada, Internet, Multicultural

Four countries and two territories have won preliminary approval to have Internet addresses written entirely in their native scripts

Official Languages

Myths and Realities

In: Literacy and Language > Other
Author: Canadain Heritage
Language(s): English/French
Format: Booklet, 31; Library code: I3-39, Available copies: 1
Published: 1994
Tags: Canada, Language, History

Rethinking Canada

Canadian Values as a New Framework for Development

In: Literacy and Language > Muticultural
Author: Our Diverse Cities Spring 2009: Marc Arnal
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 60-63; Library code: J3-21, Available copies: 2
Published: Spring 2009 Number 6
Tags: Francophone, Canada, Language, Multicultural

Embracing language in the Francophone communities