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Council releases guide to hire immigrants for employers

In: Business, Employment and Finance > Multicultural
Author: The Guardian
Language(s): English
Format: Article, 1; Library code: Z5-165, Available copies: 1
Published: March 13, 2010
Tags: Atlantic Canada, Economic, Employment, Employers, Guide, Immigrants

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council has launched its "Hiring International Workers in Atlantic Canada: An Employer's Guide"

Directions to Consider in Favour/ Regionalization Immigrant

In: Immigration > Other
Author: Our Diverse Cities Summer 2007: Rose & Desmarais
Language(s): English/French
Format: Magazine, 52-58; Library code: J3-18, Available copies: 2
Published: Summer 2007 Number 3
Tags: Immigrants, Immigration, Canada, Employment, Economic

As the size and quality of the labour force continues to be an important prerequisite for economic development, Canada's need to take advantage of the benefits of immigration will continue to intensify

Forms of Multiculturalism & Identity Issues in India

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Multiculturalism
Author: Canadian Diversity Winter 2005: Harihar Bhattacharyya
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 46-49; Library code: J3-15, Available copies: 3
Published: Winter 2005 Volume 4:1
Tags: Multiculturalism, Identity, India, Language, Religion, Economic

The author attempts to explain India's relative unity in the face of immense linguistic, religious, social and economic diversity

Saskatchewan: Sustaining Economic Momentum/Immigration

In: Business, Employment and Finance > Multicultural
Author: Our Diverse Cities Spring 2009: Arla Cameron
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 37-40; Library code: J3-21, Available copies: 2
Published: Spring 2009 Number 6
Tags: Saskatchewan, Canada, Economic, Immigration, Employment

Saskatchewan faces a labour market shortage unless they can start appealing to those who move away to work elsewhere or increase the job skills of immigrants

Socio-Economic Profile of Visible Minorities in the Prairies

Multiculturalism Research Themes

In: Immigration > Settlement and Sponsorship
Author: Our Diverse Cities Spring 2009: Dib & Rodriguez-Gallagher
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 54-59; Library code: J3-21, Available copies: 2
Published: Spring 2009 Number 6
Tags: Economic, Social, Minorities, Prairies, Multiculturalism, Research, Settlement, Statistics

Research on the prairies immigrants are choosing to settle