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"We" & "The Others"

Cultural Identity Among Latin Americans in Rural NB

In: Immigration > Settlement and Sponsorship
Author: Our Diverse Cities Summer 2007: Long & Amaya
Language(s): English/French
Format: Magazine, 155-160; Library code: J3-18, Available copies: 2
Published: Summer 2007 Number 3
Tags: New Brunswick, Canada, Latin, Latino, Settlement, Immigration Community, Research, Statistics, Rural

This article is based on a survey that explored the experiences and perceptions of Latin American newcomers in Florenceville, New Brunswick

2008: The year of the Latino

In: Government, Law and Policy > Other
Author: Diversity Inc April 2008: Eric L. Hinton
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 84-85; Library code: J3-7, Available copies: 1
Published: April 2008
Tags: Elections, Latino, Government, Diversity

Latinos become more involved in presidential elections

Bridging the Achievement Gap for Latinos

In: Education > Multicultural
Author: Diversity Inc Sept/Oct 2009: Jen A. Miller
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 44-46; Library code: J3-2, Available copies: 1
Published: September/October 2009
Tags: Latino, Education, Leadership, Achievement, Diversity

Latino Fellows Public Policy Leadership Institute program is designed to promote professional and academic advancement among Latino college juniors and seniors

The Latino Vote: The Power of the Shift

In: Government, Law and Policy > Other
Author: Diversity Inc October 2008: Zayda Rivera
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 24-31; Library code: J3-4, Available copies: 1
Published: October 2008
Tags: Government, Elections, Latino, Community

The road to the White House leads through the road of the Latino community

The PhD Project Busts Myths

Provides Educational & Economic Opportunity

In: Education > Multicultural
Author: Diversity Inc October 2008: Yoji Cole
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 76-77; Library code: J3-4, Available copies: 1
Published: October 2008
Tags: Education, Diversity, Indian, Latino, Black, Organization

The PhD Project, an organization that seeks to increase the number of Latino, Black and American Indian business professors

Why a Lack of Diversity Killed

In: Diversity, Human Rights and Racism > Diversity
Author: Diversity Inc Nov/Dec 2008: Daryl C. Hannah
Language(s): English
Format: Magazine, 47-56; Library code: J3-3, Available copies: 1
Published: November/December 2008
Tags: Diversity, Latino, Black, Finance, Employment, Human Rights

Companies exploit people who are financially illiterate, mainly Black and Latino persons