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A Booklet for Service Providers Who Work With Immigrant Families

On Issues Relating to Child Discipline, Child Abuse and Child Neglect

In: Immigration > Children and Youth
Author: Health Canada
Language(s): English
Format: Booklet; Library code: F4-26, Available copies: 1
Published: 2001
Tags: Immigrants, Children, Violence, Crime, Family, Parenting, Life Skills, Minority

Finding warmth in a cold climate

In: Immigration > Immigrant and Refugee
Author: The Guardian; Eric McCarthy
Language(s): English
Format: Article; Library code: Z3-57, Available copies: 1
Published: 12/2007
Tags: Refugee, Life Skills, Immigration

Sudan, Northern Uganda, Alberton, West Prince Christian Council, Mwaka Lawrence

First Steps an Orientation Pack for Newcomers

All About Community Services in the Community

In: Health and Wellness > Other
Author: Catholic Immigration Centre
Language(s): English
Format: Leaflet; Library code: D4-56, Available copies: 1
Published: Not specified
Tags: Resource, Life Skills, , Education, Culture

Household Hazardous Products

A Guide to Toxics in the Home

In: Environment > Other
Author: The Environmental Coalition of PEI
Language(s): English
Format: Booklet; Library code: D5-30, Available copies: 1
Published: 1990
Tags: Health, Life Skills

In the Know

The Informational Reading Series

In: Family and Children > Other
Author: New Readers Press
Language(s): English
Format: Book; Library code: F3-49, Available copies: 1
Published: 1987
Tags: Life Skills,

L.E.A.P. Life Skills Enhancement Adult Literacy Project

A Guide for Life Skills Facilitators

In: Family and Children > Other
Author: Province of British Columbia
Language(s): English
Format: Booklet; Library code: F3-52, Available copies: 1
Published: 11/1993
Tags: Life Skills

National Film Board of Canada Catalouge Learning Resource

DVD's and Video's for Canadian Educators

In: Health and Wellness > Multicultural
Author: National Film Board of Canada
Language(s): English
Format: Book, 94; Library code: K5-51, Available copies: 1
Published: 2006
Tags: Education, Life Skills, Resource

Necessary Skills for the Workforce Series

Housing and Safety

In: Business, Employment and Finance > Other
Author: Bernstein, Vivian
Language(s): English
Format: Book; Library code: E1-46, Available copies: 1
Published: 1997
Tags: Settlement, Life Skills

Stretch Your Food Dollar

In: Family and Children > Parenting
Author: Winfield, Joan; Kuntz, Carolyn
Language(s): English
Format: Binder; Library code: C4-1, Available copies: 1
Published: 1992
Tags: Life Skills, Family, Parenting

The PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada will be hosting a series of information sessions open to all newcomers to Canada

In: Health and Wellness > Awareness
Author: The Guardian; advertisement
Language(s): English
Format: Article; Library code: Z3-50, Available copies: 1
Published: 11/2007
Tags: Life Skills, Resource, Newcomers

Child's health, getting ready for Winter, introduction to the internet, apartment living