Share Thanksgiving with Newcomers to Canada

Join the Holiday Host Program


PEIANC is seeking volunteer hosts and newcomers interested to participate in this year's Thanksgiving Holiday Host program.

We are expanding our Holiday Host Program to Thanksgiving season for the first time this year, and inviting established Islanders and old-newcomers who celebrate Thanksgiving to sign up as volunteer hosts, and newcomers who want to experience the celebration to express their interest as guests.

Have extra place settings at your table for Thanksgiving weekend?

Invite a newcomer or newcomer family to celebrate anytime between 5th and 8th of October.

Interested in experiencing Canadian Thanksgiving?

If you are a recent newcomer and would like to join in the celebration, please let us know. Both individuals and families are welcome to join in.

To sign up as a volunteer or a guest, please contact:

Sameh Elgharib

Sameh Elgharib
Volunteer Organizer

(902) 628-6009 ext. 237

More information

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